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RA-01 valve power amplifier (22W mono)

RA-01 valve amplifier by Renaissance Amplification
Enjoy music to the full with a pair of RA-01 valve amplifiers

Do you want to enjoy music even more?

Try listening with our flagship model, the RA-01 valve amplifier.

Designed as a thoroughly practical amplifier for everyday use, these vintage-looking amplifiers convey musical performances in a thoroughly natural and exquisitely convincing way.

To bring you maximum enjoyment, we have mixed traditional skills with advanced design concepts and top quality parts to produce a high-performance amplifier that just lets the music through with no hindrance.

The technical specifications are impressive but in no way can they tell you just how much listening pleasure can be had with these fine amplifiers.

Conservatively rated at 22 watts rms across the audio spectrum, these amplifiers are designed to drive a wide range of loudspeakers. Because of the inherent speed and stability of this amplifier, music and speech are reproduced with the utmost clarity and intelligibility. Above all, owning these amplifiers frees you to concentrate on the musical performance.

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