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RAP-02 preamplifier and RA-02 power amplifier (50W mono)

The RAP-02 preamplifier combined with a pair of  RA-02 50-watt mono amplifiers
Enjoy high end listening at real world prices with the RAP-02/RA-02 pre/power combo

These simple but highly effective components bring you genuine high-end performance at real world prices.

You will find a bare minimum of features because all of the budget has been spent solely on conveying maximum musical information.

For instance, the preamplifier uses a costly switched attenuator volume control to give you maximum clarity.

The cool-running RA-02 power amplifiers are simple but rugged by design.  It turns out that by specifying parts that are much tougher than they need to be, the circuit can be much less complicated than conventional designs.  You enjoy the double benefits of high reliability and less disruption to the music.

Product of the year award (.pdf)

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