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RT-01 CD transport and RD-01 digital to analogue converter

RT-01 cd transport and RD-01 digital to analogue converter
Enjoy CD playback to the full with the RT-01 transport and RD-01 DAC

Enjoy CD playback more than most with these exceptional products.

Invest in the RD-01 D/A converter to gain more involving performance from your existing CD player (assuming that it has a S/PDIF digital output). You will benefit from increased intelligibility and hear more of the recorded performance.

The RD-01 is the result of an exercise to investigate the performance of a straightforward converter circuit implemented properly with thorough attention to some of the areas that are easily overlooked in high volume manufacturing. A number of advanced techniques and some truly novel thinking contribute to the utterly convincing playback you will hear. Unusual clarity at higher frequencies is a direct benefit that you will appreciate straightaway.

To complete the CD playback solution, we designed the RT-01 transport to offer top-notch performance in a no-frills package. Again much effort was expended on keeping things simple but solid. All the budget has been spent on quality rather than features. This is your opportunity to enjoy thoroughly rewarding CD playback at a modest cost.

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