You want to hear as much as you can of the music your vinyl records and as little as possible of unwanted surface noise and scratches.  Start with a great turntable, tone arm and cartridge.  The next essential item is an excellent phono stage, capable of revealing the full dynamic range of the recording.  We give you the RP-01 with transformer input and low noise amplifier stages followed by a powerful class A buffer to drive the output transformers.  Cartridge loading is 50 ohms which works well with the majority of moving coil cartridges.  You will enjoy the fast and dynamic presentation.  The remarkable speed and “overhead” of this unique design means that pops and clicks are not exaggerated.

For those interested in the technical details, it is possible overdrive the RP-01 so hard that you get 55 volts rms from the output with very little distortion.