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RP-01 Phono Stage

RP-01 moving coil phono stage including separate PSU
RP-01 moving coil phono stage for maximum enjoyment of vinyl records

With the Renaissance Amplification RP-01 moving coil phono stage you are well on the way to getting the best out your vinyl record collection.

Enjoy the full dynamic range and infinite variety of subtle timbres hidden in your record collection.

This is no ordinary phono stage: owners and reviewers alike report exceptional capability for revealing subtle textures and dynamic nuances.

The unusual circuit design means that there are no settings or adjustments to make: just plug in and play.

Technical Description
Incorporating  input transformers (mu-metal screened) and output transformers together with fully balanced class A electronics, the RP-01 combines ultra-low noise, high gain and enormous overload margin to make it suitable for the vast majority of moving coil cartridges.

Accurate RIAA equalisation is achieved using a combination of passive and active networks.

Output from the RP-01 with typical hi-fi cartridges tends to be similar in level to CD players.  For example, 0.25mV (1kHz) input results in 0.63V output.

The case is from 1.5 mm steel with boundary layer acoustic damping to the top cover.  Circuit boards and toroidal signal transformers are mounted on an internal aluminium plate.

A separate +/- 24V dc power supply unit is included.

Gain: 68 dB at 1kHz

Input impedance: 45 ohms nominal

Output impedance 150 ohms

Output level for 1% distortion: 55 volts rms

Connections: RCA inputs and line outputs, thumbscrew earthing terminal

Dimensions: 450mm wide x 65mm high x 340mm deep
(power supply is 145mm wide x 60mm high x 260mm deep)

Weight: 12kg (+ power supply 2kg)